The power of pen to paper

If you are anything like I was and just couldn't seem to find the time to pick up a pen and journal your thoughts, I feel you! I mean seriously somedays I couldn't even make sense of my own thoughts, let alone write about them! Also, are we supposed to be writting happy thoughts or should we spill the beans about our relationship problems like the good ol diary days?

Well im here to tell you, its your paper and your thoughts are free to roam on those 4 corners. Wanna know the best part? Its not only a cheap and effective way to vent, those papers don’t talk back, pass judgment but somehow can hold the space for you to share whatever it is thats weighing heavy on the mind.body.soul. In fact, according to NY times, studies have also found that writing in a journal can lead to better sleep, a stronger immune system, more self-confidence and even possibilities of a higher IQ. I'm starting to think journaling really might just give us some superpowers!


We all have that one friend who tends to influence us to do the things we say "we would never do". In this case, it was my marketing mentor who actually gave me the nudge I needed. After an hour long session, she kindly suggested I pick up a journal to try and make sense of my too many to count mind tabs I had open. Her goal was to get me outta my head and drop down into my heart, and lets just say say, goal achieved for both her and I. After feeling the power of pen to paper my self, what kind of Amiga would I be if I let you go another day without giving it a try? Whether it be you first attempt or maybe you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve tried, I'm here to help you help yourself through some simple easy steps!


Grab your pen and paper, nothing fancy needed here but I won’t hold you back from taking a trip to your fav place to grab a new journal. Ps home goods, ross, tj max and of course good ol target are my go to for cute inexpensive journals. Oh, and if you decide to take the trip to the store don't forget to grab your favorite candle while you're at it too, this will help to really set the tone.

Speaking of Setting the tone, you might grab a warm cup of coffee or tea and find a nice suit space to think. Not saying it can't be done elsewhere, but personally I prefer to be alone and in a quiet space and away from the noise of the world. However, life sometimes gets the best of me and I find myself journaling at work or even next to my toddler while she paints her lil heart out. There really is no wrong or right way here as long as you TAKE THE TIME before life forces you to make the time!

You may be wondering is that really all I gotta do? Well, here’s the thing, somedays you really may not have much to write about BUT don't put the pen down quite yet. This is where guided journal prompts kick in. In fact, this is what truly made me fall in love with journaling. For me this approach helped to take the pressure away from the am I doing it right thoughts & the I have nothing tow rite about mindset. My current go to, Pinterest journal prompts, just be mindful to not get stuck scrolling and find yourself down the DIY rabbit hole. Find one that catches your attention and let your thoughts run free though guided journaling.

Lastly, don't be surprised if some emotions are evoked during your journaling sessions, some questions really hit home. I invite you to not shy away or sweep those feeling under the rug. Follow those emotions, they just may lead to and area of healing that has been in need of some major TLC.

Most importantly dont feel afraid to ask for help if some of those emotions feel to heavy to deal with on your own. I promise you you are not alone, there is someone out there waiting to listen and help you where they can!

Now, what kinda blog would this be if I didn’t share by fav journal prompt that currently has me falling head over heals in love with the process of self discovery through the power of pen to paper.

Click link below to access your FREE journal prompt, strutted by yours truly!

Download PDF • 552KB

Cant wait to hear your feed back on your journaling experience!

with Amor & Aloha,

Your Graytful gal Mariela


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