Amor & Aloha's Sip & Stretch Weeknight Wellness Event

I really dont know of any two words that go better together other than wine and weeknight and weeknight and wellness!!

Nothing resets my mid week mood like a good reboot of my mind, body and spirit. As much as I thought I needed to do house chores on a weeknight, my mental and physical state needed to inhale and then exhale all the worked up tension built up throughout the week, so that I would be able to accomplish my tasks with a more positive mindset!

Excited for the night, I scooped my hair up and out of my face and threw on my ultra thin and sculpting pink capris from lululemon that are my absolute favorite

And so together, we were all able to make the choice to care for ourselves that evening during our first ever in person Amor & Aloha Weeknight Wellness Event! The event was led by the brilliant trauma informed - yoga warrior & original founder of Amor & Aloha, Mariela Gray aka the Mindful Mama!!

The 1 hour event took place in the heart of historic Honolulu at a secret little Chinatown treasure: The Other Side

What's not to love about a place that gives you that mysterious, low key and hidden vibe and that also has the ability to transport you back to an era of thrill and authenticity. (Check them out on the weekend for a bite and cocktail, believe me you won't be disappointed!) And no, you don't need a password to get in, just yet!

From 6-7 in the evening guests were guided through a flow of salutations and relaxing breathing exercises while encouraged to practice at their own physical comfort level.

The end of the practice was really special and unique because each guest was softly tapped on the shoulder and given a unique self affirmation card.

After our practice, we were all more relaxed, stronger, focused, content, hopeful, even giddy and then to be given a reminder of how deserving we are of this internal and external joy with an affirmation card was absolutely the icing on the cake! We took turns sharing our cards with eachother and it was interesting to hear what other people were feeling and going through.

Sharing a little about our selves and current situations opened us up even more so and flooded the room with positivity and gratitude and also a special opportunity to make new connections. The house wine may have also helped a little with the relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere! Hey, I'll say, if it wasn't a Thursday I am sure the evening would have lasted longer but I am just grateful to have shared with our followers what amor & aloha means to us through our event, which is really centered around serving yourself so that you can care for others as your best self!

If you missed our event. No worries at all, be sure to subscribe to our site to find out about future events that you can join and that are happening soon!

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